Get sexy


Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is fun, sexy and makes for one hell of a workout. We offer the chance to learn the ins and outs of this skill while getting in a great core workout.

Class Times:

Pole Lvl 1/2:

  • Tuesdays 2-3PM, 3-4PM, 5-6PM, 6-7PM
  • Wednesdays 2-3PM, 3-4PM, 4-5PM, 5-6PM
  • Thursdays 5-6PM
  • Fridays 6-7PM
  • Saturdays 4-5PM, 6-7PM

Exotic Pole Dance:

  • Wednesdays 7-8PM
  • Saturdays 5-6PM

Chair Dance Fitness

  • Wednesdays 6-7PM
  • Fridays 5-6PM

Open Pole:

  • Tuesdays 4-5PM
  • Wednesdays 8-9PM
  • Thursdays 4-5PM
  • Fridays 4-5PM

$20 per Class

$15 Open Studio

The Vixen Workout

This workout is a dance fitness program for women inspired by the commercial dance genres seen in movies, TV, popular artist performances, videos and viral videos. Movements included come from hip-hop, jazz, funk, pop, house and street styles from the club scene. The experience gives participants the illusion of being in a live performance or a girls night out.

This workout delivers easy-to-learn combinations that provide a full-body workout. Vixen utilizes Interval and HIIT cardio while engaging the upper body, core and especially the lower body through its glute-centric movements.

Class Times:

Thursdays 7:30-8:30PM

$10 per class 

Liquid Motion

Liquid Motion® is a method and style of dance and movement that is brought to you through safe, fun, and educational classes. Liquid Motion primarily utilizes the floor as its classroom, working from the ground up. The Liquid Motion® program will challenge you both physically and mentally in ways traditional floor work and sensual movement classes never have. The end result is both breathtaking and life changing.

Class Times:

  • Thursdays 6-7PM

$15 per class

Hip-Hop Dancing

Hop-hop dancing is energetic and intense, and way more work than it looks! We are bringing the best dance movements in the Midwest and teaching all who come.

Class Times:

Workshops available as posted to our Facebook page.

$10 per class 

Belly Dancing

Quad City Motion Dance Company joined out team offering introduction belly dance classes. If you are looking for fun and energetic (and sexy) moves, we highly recommend this.

Class TImes:

Workshops available as posted to our Facebook page.

$15 per class

Fun and invigorating.

Our classes are top-notch and ran by professionals.


Pole Haus is a judgement-free zone. We’re here to teach and have some fun. Feel comfortable and secure in an open environment.


You will learn real skills while working on your fitness, and you’ll build on existing ones. We focus on being sure all attendees get the guidance they need.


You’ll get your money’s worth from your time at Pole Haus. Our sessions are organized and diligent, so you will feel satisfied by the end of the session.